Do MORE of What You are Good At

by Admin

  Posted on Apr 26, 2016 11:04PM

Waiting inflates fear.

Waiting is fear.

The longer you wait, the more gnawingly painful and paralyzingly complex it willfeel.

Action dispels fear.

When you start moving:

  • Your fearful imaginations (lies) go away.
  • You see the world and your pursuits more objectively.
  • Your focus becomes directed on the next step.
  • You take that next step, thus illuminating the one after (and so on).

Have you acted today?

Have you done what you really love today? Or are you still waiting?

Are you inputting or outputting?

When you know what you like doing, or what you do well, do it more.

Improve your quality, yes. But also, improve your quantity.

If you like building, build more stuff.

If you like writing, write more stuff.

If you like connecting, connect more.

If you like running, run more.

What are you good at? Do that more.

Do it lots more.

Do stuff. Output. Do it more.

You give your ideas value by acting on them. A good idea, not acted upon, only brings pain and fear.

Action brings confidence.

Action is fun.

Inaction slowly kills you inside.

Don’t wait to be moved by the spirit. Move the spirit yourself through action.

There is no inspiration without action.

Action is inspiration. That’s how it works.

Faith is action, and thus also power.

Faith and fear cannot co-exist in the same person at the same time. Thus, action (i.e., faith) and inaction (i.e., fear) are opposites.

Do what you love. Do it more. Output all the time. Perfect love casts out fear.


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