Why it’s important to have a good CV…and how do I get one?

web-CV-getty-cYour CV is your personal sales document. It is essential that you work on your CV and make it the best you can as it is your only tool to get you to an interview. It’s a bit daunting to get started but it is really important to take the time to make it right and sell yourself as best you can.

Your CV should be clear, concise, complete and up-to-date with current employment and educational information. Use bullet points where you can and try not to write in paragraphs. Most CVs are not read as such but reviewers will scan through them to pick out key points – it is easier to do this when you give information in bulleted form.

Time Management: A vital recipe to success

time-managementTime is nothing new to us and not an alien word either but the alien word is time management. What  exactly is TIME MANAGEMENT ?How does it affect us? There is so much about it and it as really affected people because a few don’t know how to manage their time and this has caused a lot of damage to their career, profession and their entire life.

So lets first examine the meaning of Time Management and see how it affect our daily life.