What we do

VLA is home to innovative human resources business solutions. We provide personalised and customised services for businesses in the areas of.


Our outsourcing service has helped Banks, Telecommunication companies, Oil & Gas Businesses and FMCGs manage their non-core functions and also:

  • Maximize revenue and save on money, time and infrastructure
  • Minimize overhead expenses
  • Reduce the burden of attracting, retaining and releasing staff
  • Increase level of expertise deployed to perform specific tasks
  • Increase focus and time spent their business processes

Some of our projects in human capital outsourcing include: Customer Service Executives | Personal Assistants | Secretaries | Call Centre Executives | Receptionists/Guest Relation Officers | System Analyst | IT Operators | Sales & Marketing Executives | Cashiers | Bank Tellers/ Transaction Officers | Clerical Officers/ Office Assistants | Office Administrators | Archivists |Money Transfer Officers.

If you need more categories, we are happy to partner with you to identify such categories. We have been doing this for over 12 years and serviced at least 800 businesses similar to yours.


Executive Training & Development /Learning Management

With a rich faculty of seasoned professionals with a combined 30 years’+ experience in executive and business training and development; we’ll train your people for excellence and sustained high performance.

Our approach is to work with your team and define the best training path that will guarantee success. We will consider your organisation’s objectives and challenges and align them to each of the training levels and curriculum, in a customised and cost-effective fashion. So that you only receive the training you require.

Our signature approach has 4 key elements:

  1. Strategic Brainstorming: We leverage each training programme as a rare opportunity to collect the unedited ‘out of the box’ strategic thoughts of your people, as they apply to your goals and objectives.
  2. Action Plans: We use these ideas to develop action plans for each and every participant, to ensure the learning is applied back in the workplace and even monitor knowledge implementation!
  3. In-House Feeling: We work closely with you to ensure we embed your style, mission, values and culture into each programme, to help reinforce your organisation’s goals and visions, and not ours! This has proved very effective.
  4. Moments: We entrench “VLA Moments” into each and every programme, to ensure participants have an exciting, FUN! and unforgettable experience. We have found it to be motivating and helpful to training participants.

Some of our key development portfolio:

The VLA Management and Leadership Portfolio | The Sales, Marketing & Customer Care Series | The Finance & Accounting Series | Developing Personal Effectiveness | Managing Communication & Relationships.


Recruitment & Selection Services

Leveraging 23 years of expertise, proven methodologies, and one of the largest resume databases in the country, we have the reach to manage your recruitment from start to finish. We focus on optimizing your corporate performance and bottom line by matching your job roles and company culture with skills and talents that match.

Some of our service offerings are:

Permanent Placements | Interim Placements | Contract labour outsourcing | Response handling and Psychometric testing.

Our services are designed to:

  • Reduce your overall selection costs
  • Reduce risk and allow you to make the right recruitment decisions.
  • Ensuring high retention rates.


Strategy & Business Support Services

Some of our service offerings includes: Strategy Articulation and Development | Market/Industry Research | Clients’ Specific Surveys | Customer Relationship Management and Corporate Events Management.

These offerings is managed by our special Strategy and Business Unit (SBS) and we work to see your business succeed and achieve the desired Organisational goals. Our service offerings will help you enjoy a competitive advantage in your industry.


Testing, Assessments and Profiling

We’ll use world class assessment tools based on your required job-related competencies, knowledge, skills and abilities to assess your applicants so that you can hire the right person for your roles.

The proven benefits of using psychometric instruments and other assessment tools include:

  • Increased objectivity in selection and development.
  • Improved individual and interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Enhanced team work and organisational performance.
  • Improved staff performance, morale and retention.

Job applicants vary widely in their competencies, knowledge, skills, abilities, interests, work styles, and other characteristics. The information gathered during assessment, profiling and testing helps us assess the fit or match between people and your jobs.


Human Resource Solutions

We will empower the Human Resource Capacity within your organisation to become:

  • Administrative experts - Save you money through efficient design and delivery of HR systems
  • Strategic Partners to your business – by aligning your HR systems and business strategy.
  • Change agents - Help you adapt to changing business conditions
  • Employee Champions - Ensure that your employee’s commitment and skill/competencies to the business remains high in every season.

The guiding principles we use for projects are:

  • A desire to please you (and other clients) by delivering practical result-oriented solutions.
  • An unwavering resolve to deliver service at the highest standard and produce the best result no matter how difficult.
  • A strategy of continuously building our competencies to enable us deliver value from your perspective.
  • Consistently forging partnerships and deploying the wealth of our varied competencies to ensure that we give you the best results.


Public Sector Services

This is a suites of solutions for the public sector. Our solutions are designed to:

  • Create systems that will help government owned industries and businesses to operate at optimal levels.
  • Replace traditional methods by creating effective instruments of control that allows government staffs to perform at peak levels.
  • Put systems in place that will check issues like misappropriation of funds and incidence of ghost workers.

The Top 3 Questions Most Clients Ask Us

Q1: What is the process like and how do we get started?

A: Quite simple. We listen to you first, understand your need (no assumptions) and then provide a well-tailored service to address that need. Our systems are designed and optimised for accuracy and speed - so that your needs are met in time.


Q2: What is your approach and attitude to training?

A: Training is a core service at VLA. We often remind our clients that we have invested more into our training service than the others. In our present facility, we have a state of art training structure that has trained more than 20,000 people. Building your people is our own way of contributing to your bottom line. Like our other services, we are amazing in impacting knowledge.


Q3: What is the average cost to use VLA's expertise?

A: It's difficult to give an average price because services are always unique to each client. What we do is to work with each client's budget. This has proved to be effective for our clients and us over the years.

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