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For the Jobseeker

We’re constantly recruiting top candidates in all fields. If you think you fit, join our pool with the link below or be added to our talent pool and be the first in line when an offer opens up.

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For the Organization

We  empower the HR Capacity within your organisation to build and implement HR systems that will save you money, help you adapt to changes and ensure that your employee’s commitment

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Our vision is a pointer to where we want to
go as an organisation we call it our goal or
grand aim. It is our creed and it is simple.
We shall be the first choice for Human Resource Solutions.

Our Vision

Our values underpin our culture and belief.

Our Values

Our mission, which is derived from our
conceptual definition, is an assignment,
calling and duty and it is one we are totally
committed to. VLA’s mission is clear and

Develop the People. Create the Future.

Our Mission

Our Expertise


Do you find that a good deal of your time is spent on non — core functions rather than on your core business? We can help

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Executive Trainings

At VLA we believe your people are your most valuable asset in your pursuit of excellence and sustained high performance

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HR Solutions

HR needs to partner with business owners and managers in defining strategies that are aligned with corporate objectives

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Testing, Assessments and Profiling

Using assessment tools based on the job-related competencies,  to assess applicants is a key step to ensure the right persons are hired

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Strategy & Business Support Services

At the Strategy and Business Unit (SBS), our desire is to see your business succeed & grow to achieve Organisational goals

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Recruitment & Selection Services

Leveraging several years of experience, expertise, proven methodologies, VLA can manage your recruitment needs

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VLA Knowledge base

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