At VLA we believe your people are your most
valuable asset in your pursuit of excellence and
sustained high performance. We believe it is vital
to ensure your people are engaged, excited and
motivated, so they deliver the performance you
require and remain committed to your
organisation! It is also crucial to give your people the best training available to achieve the required performance and
beat your competition!

VLA recognises that each company has a different vision of success. and will therefore require a different approach to get there. In our approach, we work with your people to determine the best approach for you. We consider your organisation’s specific challenges and objectives and work to align them to each of the training levels, in a customised and cost-effective manner.

Our key development portfolio areas include:

The VLA Management and Leadership Portfolio, The Sales, Marketing & Customer Care Series. The Finance & Accounting Series, Developing Personal Effectiveness and Managing Communication & Relationships.

When it comes to the format and design of our programmes, our central objective is to help you Develop Your People to achieve maximum performance. Our signature approach has 4 key elements.

Strategic Brainstorming:

We leverage each learning programme as a rare opportunity to collect the unedited ‘out of the box’ strategic thoughts of your people, as they apply to your goals and objectives.

Action Plans:

We use these ideas to develop action plans for each and every participant to ensure the learning is applied back in the workplace. We even monitor the implementation of these plans.

In-House Feeling:

We work closely with you to ensure we embed your style, mission, values and culture into each programme, to help reinforce your organisation’s goals and visions, and not ours.


We entrench “VLA Moments” into each and every programme, to ensure participants have an exciting, FUN and unforgettable experience with VLA.