Leveraging several years of experience,
expertise, proven methodologies, and one of
the largest resume databases in the country,
VLA is confident that we can manage your
recruitment needs from start to finish.

As your Search partner, our primary objective is to match skills and talents of all candidates to your specific functional requirements and corporate culture, for optimal performance. As your Selection partner, our team will assume ownership and accountability for your customized selection process, as we deliver the most competent candidates for your business needs. We strive to reduce your overall selection costs while ultimately ensuring increased retention rates.

Our service offerings in this area include:
Permanent placements. interim placements,
contract labour outsourcing, response handling
and psychometric testing.

As your Recruitment partner, our primary focus will be on the difference we can make to your  corporate performance, and specifically your bottom line. We focus on the quality of your people as intently as you focus on your core business strategies.

Our services are designed to reduce risk and allow you to make the right recruitment decisions.