No organisation can afford to hire the wrong person. Job applicants vary widely in their competencies, knowledge. skills, abilities. interests, work styles, and other characteristics. These differences inevitably will affect the way people perform or behave in various positions. As these differences are not necessarily obvious, simple observation of a job applicant is not sufficient to predict their success as an employee.

Using assessment tools based on the job-related competencies, knowledge, skills and abilities to assess applicants is a key step to ensuring that the right person is hired for the job. The information gathered helps assess the fit or match between people and jobs.

Our Contract Labour Outsourcing provides beneļ¬ts which include:
  • Reduced burden on your HR Department with regards to Attracting, Retaining and Releasing staff.
  • Increased level of expertise deployed to perform specific tasks
  • Cost efficiency and effectiveness
  • Decreased overhead expenses.
  • More time for you to focus on your core business processes