Our outsourcing service has helped Banks, Telecommunication companies, Oil & Gas Businesses and FMCGs manage their non-core functions and also:

  • Maximize revenue and save on money, time and infrastructure
  • Minimize overhead expenses
  • Reduce the burden of attracting, retaining and releasing staff
  • Increase level of expertise deployed to perform specific tasks
  • Increase focus and time spent their business processes

Some of our projects in human capital outsourcing include: Customer Service Executives | Personal Assistants | Secretaries | Call Centre Executives | Receptionists/Guest Relation Officers | System Analyst | IT Operators | Sales & Marketing Executives | Cashiers | Bank Tellers/ Transaction Officers | Clerical Officers/ Office Assistants | Office Administrators | Archivists |Money Transfer Officers.

If you need more categories, we are happy to partner with you to identify such categories. We have been doing this for over 12 years and serviced at least 800 businesses similar to yours.

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Executive training

With a rich faculty of seasoned professionals with a combined 30 years’+ experience in executive and business training and development; we’ll train your people for excellence and sustained high performance.

Our approach is to work with your team and define the best training path that will guarantee success. We will consider your organisation’s objectives and challenges and align them to each of the training levels and curriculum, in a customised and cost-effective fashion. So that you only receive the training you require.

Our signature approach has 4 key elements:

  1. Strategic Brainstorming: We leverage each training programme as a rare opportunity to collect the unedited ‘out of the box’ strategic thoughts of your people, as they apply to your goals and objectives.
  2. Action Plans: We use these ideas to develop action plans for each and every participant, to ensure the learning is applied back in the workplace and even monitor knowledge implementation!
  3. In-House Feeling: We work closely with you to ensure we embed your style, mission, values and culture into each programme, to help reinforce your organisation’s goals and visions, and not ours! This has proved very effective.
  4. Moments: We entrench “VLA Moments” into each and every programme, to ensure participants have an exciting, FUN! and unforgettable experience. We have found it to be motivating and helpful to training participants.

Some of our key development portfolio:

The VLA Management and Leadership Portfolio | The Sales, Marketing & Customer Care Series | The Finance & Accounting Series | Developing Personal Effectiveness | Managing Communication & Relationships.

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