VLA seeks to be identified as “the driving force
behind the HR revolution that will enable HR
professionals discover and fulfil their true role
within the 21st Century organisation”

Currently HR practices are still viewed as purely operational/mundane and of no significant and/or strategic importance to organisational success

HR needs to partner with business owners and managers in defining HR strategies which are aligned with corporate objectives in order to deliver the desired business results

In embarking on any project assignment, we are driven by the following guiding principles:
  • a desire to please our clients by delivering practical result-oriented solutions
  • an unwavering resolve to deliver service at the highest standard and produce the best result no matter how difficult
  • a strategy of continuously improving our competencies to enable us deliver value from the client’s perspective.
  • consistently forging partnerships and deploying the wealth of our varied competencies to ensure that we provide the best results to clients.